Corporate Balloons

Who says work functions are dull?  My balloon creations liven up any event and put a smile on every face and I have the creative skill to decorate your venue and make it amazing!

Whether it’s a lunch, an office party, grand openings, awards events or shop decor I can deliver something with a real wow factor. My balloon  decorations can come in any colour combination you desire, matching your corporate colours or a theme you are working with.

All of my creations add fun and style to any event, and make for excellent photos.  Your employees and clients will have a blast, and with all the great selfie opportunities, social media is sure to be filled with photos of your staff and/or clients have the time of their lives!

Party bomb!

We party bombed Matt's desk at KFH Network to celebrate his 40th birthday! A giant silver 40, lots of ribbons and balloons attached to the ceiling and a garland of balloons along the cubicle divider, it made a real impact! I turn up with these fully prepared and they take about half an hour to install with banners, confetti and lots of balloons. Get in touch and let me know who and when you want to #partybomb and we will make them smile!

Balloon kit or professional?
Balloon kit, no instructions included!

Balloon kit or professional?

I built this balloon kit today for a mermaid tail that I saw online. I was curious how it would go together because for less than £15 I can understand why you would be tempted. I don’t love the finished result, I’d give it a 5.5 out of 10, it’s ok but not to my usual standard. The thing I want to tell you about these kits is there’s no instructions, the first picture shows what’s in the bag. I’ve no idea what the funny plastic tabs or balloon glue are for, not something I’ve ever used before. The balloons are thin, two of them had holes in, one of them had a damaged neck. I wanted another 18 to 24 balloons to be able to taper the top in better to the tail fins. This took me a little over an hour to build using an electric balloon inflater which sizes the balloons for me so…

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