Corporate Balloons

Who says work functions are dull?  My balloon creations liven up any event and put a smile on every face and I have the creative skill to decorate your venue and make it amazing!

Whether it’s a lunch, an office party, grand openings, awards events or shop decor I can deliver something with a real wow factor. My balloon  decorations can come in any colour combination you desire, matching your corporate colours or a theme you are working with.

All of my creations add fun and style to any event, and make for excellent photos.  Your employees and clients will have a blast, and with all the great selfie opportunities, social media is sure to be filled with photos of your staff and/or clients have the time of their lives.

Mind North Staffordshire balloon wall

The events are still a major factor in my business but I'm loving the opportunity to be creative and put balloon installations together at the moment while doing the planning and computer work too! Friday night saw a masquerade ball for MIND North Staffordshire and I created an organic balloon wall. It was a random, textured design and was perfect for selfies while promoting the charity at the same time. I mixed in a few of the charity's own balloons and then topping it with the huge MIND letters having used blues and silvers throughout the piece. I do classic, stylish designs too but this was a real eye-catching show stopper! Close upThe finished wall

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Where it all began…

I'm adding this post retrospectively on 8th August 2019 when these Mickey and Minnie characters were created on photographed on 16th October 2018. I didn't really know what I was doing but I wanted to do something to add to the decor of the Florida for First Timers event I was helping help with so I made these and from there there was no turning back! I fell in love with making things out of balloons and learned how to do it properly.

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