Balloon Cupcake

Happy Birthday Cupcake

 Happy Birthday if it’s yours today, just been or coming up soon! 

Approximately 170 balloons were used to make this cupcake balloon sculpture and some time. 

 This has been my big practice project this week working with a method to make the round layers, a technique I’ve only used once before when making the handles for balloon scissors for Ambiance Salons

 There’s no frame in this cupcake, it’s all held together with ribbon. 

 My next project is going to be something much smaller but equally creative! 

Have a look at some of our other birthday balloons and balloon characters.

Balloon Dog

One Million Bubbles

We loved taking part in One Million Bubbles today, read the press release below for more information:

Nothing brings smiles to people’s faces like balloons do, and the professional balloon decorating and entertainment industry wants to help people find their smiles and joy during this challenging and frightening time we have entered.

On Thursday, March 26, 2020, over 200 balloon artists from around the world are going to participate in “One Million Bubbles of Joy”. The intent is for the professional balloon industry to share their talents and skills that day to help bring happiness to as many lives as they can and remind the world that there is hope and kindness still out there as they face the new realities of COVID-19.

“With all the fear and uncertainty going on in the world right now, I felt like we had to do something,” said Steven Jones, project leader of Balloon Designers in Seattle, Washington. “Balloons make people happy in ways nothing else does, so if working balloon professionals cannot make people smile right now, who really can?”

Artists will be participating in a variety of ways:

Balloon professionals are encouraged to create something artsy and fun either in their yards at home or in a public place, but convey the message of “Be Safe Be Kind”.

Other artists working from home will be broadcasting live on social media conducting live Q&A sessions as they create fun pieces; this will be an excellent opportunity for children stuck at home to learn from these talented and experienced professionals in a unique way like never before.

Because of the #StayHome campaign currently going on, our artists are encouraged not to further complicate the possible spread of COVID-19 by making deliveries to locations other than their homes, places of business or permitted public spaces.

It is our hope that when this is all over, over one million balloons will be used to create ten times as smiles during this scary time for so many around the world.

Balloon Hoop

Charlotte Talbot Photography

In one of the Nantwich Facebook groups we offered up the balloon hoop for free from Sunday’s Diva Wedding Fayres showcase.

It always seems a shame to cut things down and we quite often donate balloons from photo shoots so it’s found a great home with Charlotte Talbot Photography.

13th Birthday Column

13th Birthday Party

Greige, rose gold and metallic gold for the bouquets for this joint 13th birthday party – an ultra pretty colour scheme with an added 13 column too.

🍰 Greige, rose gold and metallic gold for the bouquets for this joint 13th birthday party – an ultra pretty colour scheme with an added 13 column too.💃🏻 Have a fantastic party!🎈 #msballons #VenueDecor #BalloonBouquets

Posted by Michelle Shipman #msballoons on Saturday, 14 December 2019
Birthday Cake

Beth’s Birthday Cake

This acrylic cake base is a new addition to our items available to hire – it can be filled with mini balloons like we did for Beth’s birthday, sweets, cupcakes, dried flowers – the sky is the limit!

For Beth’s birthday tea with her family we supplied the balloon filled cake stand and the little balloon numbers on the top of the cake. These are available in silver, gold, pink and blue numbers, no letters available yet but fingers crossed.

40th and 50th Elegant Swirls Bouquets

Joint 40th & 50th Birthday Party

We were at the North Stafford Hotel in Stoke On Trent bright and early to setup for this joint 40th and 50th birthday party for an aunt and niece duo.

We decorated the tables with balloon bouquets using the Qualatex Elegant Swirls range in black and silver – each bouquet had a numbered foil balloon and two coordinating latex.

We also delivered matching pairs of silver numbers – a 40 and 50.

Erica's Bubble Balloon

Erica’s Birthday Bubble

This was a lovely request to put together using black and gold mini balloons, ribbon and gold vinyl for a great looking bubble balloon for Erica’s birthday.

The bubble balloons are incredibly popular – we can add lights, feathers, mini balloons, ribbons, a vinyl message and make it really unique for the recipient. Have a look here at some of our previous bubble balloons and at our pricing page here.

Frozen stacked numbered extravaganza

Ice Princesses, Frozen etc!

With trademarks and the like we have to be a little bit careful.

This birthday party had a stacked number extravaganza 3 decorated with Frozen orbs showing Elsa and Anna and then a mini Olaf snowman on the opposite shoulder. I only had about 20 minutes to unload and put everything in place so a struggle to snap some good photos so apologies for the quality of these!


Pirate ahoy

It was family fun day at Cronkinson’s Farm in Stapeley near Nantwich today so I decorated my stall in a pirate theme. with a large character, a column, a bubble and a ship at sea.

Matt's 40th

Party bomb!

We party bombed Matt’s desk at KFH Network to celebrate his 40th birthday!

A giant silver 40, lots of ribbons and balloons attached to the ceiling and a garland of balloons along the cubicle divider, it made a real impact!

I turn up with these fully prepared and they take about half an hour to install with banners, confetti and lots of balloons. Get in touch and let me know who and when you want to #partybomb and we will make them smile!

2020 photo frame

2020 Celebrations

In a previous chapter in my life I ran a pub and in July one year I was asked if we were doing Christmas Day lunch so now we are in July I’m posting this.

People do plan really far ahead so if you’ve got the end of the year in mind why not consider a stunning photo frame like this for your guests and visitors?  Great for a party at home or in a venue.

Get in touch for more information.


Wedding celebrations

Sam and Terry got married on Saturday and we did the balloons!

A great setup with a bride and groom sculpture, a single pearl arch with customised heart centrepiece over the top table and then bouquets as table centrepieces in the silver and royal blue theme.

The photos were snapped while the venue was still being setup!

What was even more amazing was when I went back the following day the bride balloon was in almost perfect condition.

Organics Training Day

Balloon decor is generally classified as ‘classic’ or ‘organic’. Classic finds all the balloons a uniform size where as organic has varying sizes and today I’ve been on a course in Leeds working on some organic designs.

All of these things can be replicated to suit your colours or themes for your occasion. Such a fun course and so inspiring!

Heart frame

Berries Beans & Beer #bbbCrewe

I had a great time doing the balloons for Berries Beans & Beer #bbbCrewe #Crewe.
Along with the photo frame I made a flat pack arch, letters for the stage and decor for each bar. It really brightened the place!

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year

It is #ChineseNewYear and #YearOfThePig. From, people born in the year of the pig think logically and are able to fix whatever problem they’re in. They aren’t good communicators, but they’re kind and able to provide for the family. Most of them are wealthy. Their only obvious fault is that they lose their temper easily.⁣