Baby Balloons

Few events match up to the sheer blessing and excitement that comes with welcoming a new baby into the family! This is a time of joy, change, and endless potential.  Your baby is a big deal and deserves to be welcomed into the world in the most fitting way possible! I offer all different kinds of balloon decorations, custom work included, to make your shower the event of the year.

Baby Showers

One of my most requested items for baby showers are my creative and eye-catching centre pieces.  I can create custom designs that your guests will talk about for weeks to come.  My hot air balloon centre piece for baby showers in particular favourite.  I offer a wide range of colours, so whether you’re looking for the standard pinks and blues or you want to mix things up, I’ve got exactly what you need and if you’ve got a theme, let me know and I’ll have no trouble designing something to match!

If you want to reveal the name or sex of the baby during your baby shower, then my letter balloons will definitely make a statement.  I offer letter balloons in a full range of colours.  The best thing about letter balloons is that they’re the perfect way to announce any message you want, you can order anything from single words to entire statements.

Gender Reveals

Gender reveal parties are hugely popular, I’ve done black balloons filled with confetti and little balloons or see the Elephant of Surprise post below.

My repertoire doesn’t just include centre pieces and letter balloons.  I can create just about any type of balloon decoration or sculpture you can think of!  I offer big, gorgeous balloon arches; balloon columns and towers; graceful balloon garlands; and even custom balloon sculptures!  All of my decorations are available in either single colours or multiple colours depending upon your needs.


The Elephant of Surprise!

https://www.facebook.com/balloonsbymichelleshipman/videos/331243764496876/ The Elephant of Surprise was the cutest, unique gender reveal delivered on Saturday afternoon. The belly of the elephant had coloured confetti in for the mum-to-be to pop to show the result. There was a bit of a nail biting moment when we weren't sure it was going to fit through the front door but with a bit of careful manoeuvring it was moved in to place! It was delivered with 6 helium balloon bouquets in alternate pinks and blues which also had elephants printed on, taking the worry of decor away from the hostess. Get in touch if you would like something unique with a real wow factor for your next party! Dressed room

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