Balloon Hoop

Charlotte Talbot Photography

In one of the Nantwich Facebook groups we offered up the balloon hoop for free from Sunday’s Diva Wedding Fayres showcase.

It always seems a shame to cut things down and we quite often donate balloons from photo shoots so it’s found a great home with Charlotte Talbot Photography.

Churches Mansion

Baby Shower at Churche’s Mansion

The stunningly beautiful Churches Mansion in Nantwich was the setting for Alex’s prosecco and afternoon tea Baby Shower.

The colour scheme was rose gold and confetti. We delivered two bubble balloons to go either side of the fire place with rose gold, confetti and pearl white latex floor standing bouquets to dress the space.

We also delivered table bouquets in the same arrangements.

Have a look at some of our other Baby Balloon work here.

Elephant delivered

The Elephant of Surprise!

The Elephant of Surprise was the cutest, unique gender reveal delivered on Saturday afternoon. The belly of the elephant had coloured confetti in for the mum-to-be to pop to show the result.

This is the Elephant of Surprise for today’s gender reveal! A custom build and all the cuteness with a belly with coloured confetti inside. Seems a shame to pop it!🐘🎈#msballoons #genderreveal #genderrevealballoon #newbaby #babygirl #babyboy #surprise #elephantballoon #Cheshire #Nantwich #Crewe #bapiaparty #nabas #balloonstylist #balloon #manx #elephant #personalisedballoon #customisedballoon

Posted by Michelle Shipman #msballoons on Saturday, 3 August 2019

There was a bit of a nail biting moment when we weren’t sure it was going to fit through the front door but with a bit of careful manoeuvring it was moved in to place!

It was delivered with 6 helium balloon bouquets in alternate pinks and blues which also had elephants printed on, taking the worry of decor away from the hostess.

Get in touch if you would like something unique with a real wow factor for your next party!

Hot air balloon

Beautiful Baby Shower

Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to steam the creases out of my new sky photo backdrop before these balloons went out so apologies for the creases!

These balloons were ordered for a baby shower and I was sent some photos of the sort of things they were looking for. Rose Pink was used in the 4 different designs to tie the colour scheme together visually.

The bubble balloon and the hot air balloon were both personalised with the mum-to-bes name. The hot air balloon was a real focal piece that worked well as a table centrepiece.

Baby shower balloon decor
Balloon Kit

Balloon kit or professional?

I built this balloon kit today for a mermaid tail that I saw online. I was curious how it would go together because for less than £15 I can understand why you would be tempted.

I don’t love the finished result, I’d give it a 5.5 out of 10, it’s ok but not to my usual standard. The thing I want to tell you about these kits is there’s no instructions, the first picture shows what’s in the bag. I’ve no idea what the funny plastic tabs or balloon glue are for, not something I’ve ever used before.

The balloons are thin, two of them had holes in, one of them had a damaged neck. I wanted another 18 to 24 balloons to be able to taper the top in better to the tail fins.

This took me a little over an hour to build using an electric balloon inflater which sizes the balloons for me so I get a uniform look. If you’re blowing them up using your mouth or a hand pump it’s going to take a lot longer and then you’ve got to figure out how to size and then fasten them together.

You’re not paying a balloon stylist for the balloons but the time and investment that has gone in to learning these skills.

Since I started, less than a year ago, I’ve been on a dozen different training courses and activities and I’ll continue to keep learning so I’m delivering balloons that you’re delighted with having avoided the worry of trying to figure out how some instructionless kit goes together spending hours on the job!

I have rebuilt this, see below so you can get a better idea of what it should look like .

Welcome Baby Hot Air Balloon

New baby

I made this helium filled design with my step-daughter for a new family member. She chose the very pretty hot air balloon and we decided to add the balloon cloud underneath. It could have been air filled to sit on a table but she wanted it to float.

Really pretty work with my apprentice!

Sienna's orbz

Sienna’s Arrival

This is a rose gold orb rather than a bubble and super shiny which is what I’m blaming for my not so great photo! The orbz (their spelling, not mine!) come in gorgeous colours so make great room decor too.

This was personalised with baby Sienna’s name, a baby foot print decal and a short message from the sender. It was accompanied by a matching sparkly card.


Baby shower balloons

Sarah’s baby shower at the beautiful Upper House at Barlaston has been decorated with a personalised backdrop wrapped in a pink balloon garland and then mini baby balloon sculptures for table centrepieces. Each of the centrepieces holds a customised balloon with the event details on. Very pretty and cute look!