Hot air balloon

Beautiful Baby Shower

Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to steam the creases out of my new sky photo backdrop before these balloons went out so apologies for the creases! These balloons were ordered for a baby shower and I was sent some photos of the sort of things they were looking for. Rose Pink was used in […]

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Stuffed Balloon

New Arrival

It’s not the best photo but a gift for a friend expecting a new family member with added mini animals and a personalised touch all in pink.

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Balloon Kit

Balloon kit or professional?

I built this balloon kit today for a mermaid tail that I saw online. I was curious how it would go together because for less than £15 I can understand why you would be tempted. I don’t love the finished result, I’d give it a 5.5 out of 10, it’s ok but not to my […]

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