Easter bunnies

Easter Bunnies

We’ve launched our Easter bunnies today which have stuffed bellies! Get in touch to get yours ordered up! They start from £12 with various sweets and chocolates inside or a cuddly toy. We donated the models to the Mid Cheshire Hospitals Charity raffle.

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Santa arch

Nantwich Santa Dash

The Santa Dash in Nantwich has happened for a few years now raising funds for the Merry Mile. I’ve been delighted to be asked to do an arch for the finish line. With a Snowman on one side and Santa on the other and then a classic arch in green and white joining the two […]

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The Merry Mile

I put my twisting skills to the test to take part in the Mid Cheshire Hospitals Charity Trust Merry Mile in Queen’s Park, Crewe. David’s wings were in Chrome Blue and mine in Chrome Silver, I surprised myself with how well these turned out!

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