Fundraising with flair

Fundraising with flair

I’m looking at doing some fundraising with flair for the early part of next year! I’m involved with some charity events and the end goal is obviously to maximise income.

I’m an avid reader and this book, Uncover the Secrets of Charity Fundraising Events, has been a great kick starter. There’s numerous fundraising titles available but this book I find is a really comprehensive guide to focusing plans and ideas to maximise returns.

There’s apps available for running silent auctions, such as iBid or Givergy which means that people can be involved from a physical event space (ball or gala dinner for example) but remotely people can bid too. Harness the power of the web!

Check out UK Fundraising for a pool of information and news. There’s a blog post today is on thanking your donors and sponsors and building that relationship for hopefully continued support.

Be original in your choice of themes for events. Seasonal events are an obvious tie in to winter, Hallowe’en, Valentines or Easter for example but look to popular culture for televisions, film and music influences. At the moment Peaky Blinders, Mary Poppins, Gatsby and the Greatest Showman are very in and Winter Wonderland is starting to pop up. What would be different for your event, charity or sponsor? How can you deliver a memorable experience so your event stands out above all others?

Event decor can give a real wow factor. I’m obviously going to recommend balloons as they’re something I do and love doing, but a good florist and centrepieces for your tables can really add to the look and feel of a dinner. And why not auction or raffle off these displays at the end of the night?

I hope there’s some points to get you started and maximise your fundraising and some useful links in there too.


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