Berries Beans & Beer Case Study

Berries Beans & Beer was conceived in 2016 while running a mobile bar for Has Bean Coffee’s 5th birthday. The idea of a festival bringing together a variety of different high quality drinks with something for everyone was born with the idea of hosting it at the Crewe Heritage Centre.

Organised and financed by myself with support from a group of friends and a team of volunteer staff, it’s developed into an unmissable highlight in a town where there aren’t a huge amount of events happening.

Simple ideas, like one glass for everything, using local bands who could be brought on board to promote the event, likewise with food traders has seen this event grow year on year and become financially viable.

A gradual drip feed of information, teasers and memes are fed throughout the year to keep the website and social media channels active and relevant before a big push in the new year towards the event at the end of April.

In 2018 corporate sponsors were sought to see the event expand and also for Berries Beans & Beer to be able to give back to charities through beer sponsorship and cement us as part of the community.

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Michelle Shipman Event organiser Cheshire &  North West
"I was privileged to be a volunteer at one of Michelle’s large, Cheshire based festivals. I wanted to support another local company in their endeavours whilst potentially picking up tips for our own events and activities. Michelle’s professional and quirky approach is a rarity and every fine detail of her events are considered, thought about and delivered efficiently. It was a delight to encounter Michelle’s different way of thinking and this creative difference is vital when so many are competing for business. It is a huge asset to anyone who takes on her services. I have been to a lot of events and they are what you expect but her events have an unusual edge to them and when the public attend they think “It’s even better than I anticipated”. Undoubtedly one of the finest marketeers and project managers I have encountered and she is great to work with."
Beverley Cope
Michelle Shipman Event organiser Cheshire &  North West
"Last year’s festival was amazing. A great venue with a superb range of weird and wonderful drinks to try. An event that needs to be in my diary every year."
James, Crewe
Michelle Shipman Event organiser Cheshire &  North West
"An amazing local festival showcasing local businesses and bands. We’re very much looking forward to the next event. "
Phil, Otter’s Tears
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